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Student Registration

(If you are the representative of a firm and are booking on behalf of others do not use this page but please register here)

If you do not have a student access code, and you are booking this course for yourself, please first provide the following information and declaration

(The fee for an individual taking the course is £41.00 + VAT; the payment page follows)

Current EU regulations require that before you can undergo any security training you must have successfully completed a background/pre-employment check. Your employer, or prospective employer, or the person contracting you to work at the airport, will have done this check as part of the process of applying for an airside pass for you. We need confirmation that this security check has been completed.

You must provide the following details.
Note: You may not enter your own name or address as sponsor even if you are self employed. You will enter your own information on the next page.

It is an offence to make a false declaration.